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The creation of the Museu Picasso embodies the artist's deeply felt wish to have a museum in which his work would be on permanent display in Barcelona. Among the many people who helped bring this about, an essential role was played by Jaume Sabartés, Picasso's personal secretary and close friend. In his search for a site, he decided it should be an historic building in the old city centre, very close to the part of Barcelona that Picasso had lived in and knew well. The choice went to the Palau Aguilar, then almost in ruins, and the old palace was refurbished and converted for use as a museum. From this, its first home, the museum has grown, successively incorporating neighbouring palaces on carrer Montcada.
More than a year and a half has been devoted to an exhaustive process of research and study, archaeological, architectural and historical, to determine the chronology and the characteristics of these fine old buildings, and to identify and draw attention to their outstanding features. This study has yielded a wealth of findings, extending and deepening our knowledge of the buildings and, through them, of the city, affording us even greater delight in a unique architectural heritage. It is a great pleasure to start to share all of this with you on this virtual tour.

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